Wilby Public Affairs provides strategic public affairs consulting services to companies and organizations in the U.S.

 With extensive experience in the clean energy sector, our firm offers regulatory, public policy, stakeholder, communications, and other related services. Our objective is to create and preserve value for clients by helping them establish positive external relationships, supportive public policies, and lasting credibility.  

The fate of energy projects and other infrastructure investment is often greatly affected by government actions and public sentiment. Investors and developers who understand this are more successful and have a significant advantage over competitors. Ignoring these factors can lead to trouble.

Our Services


  • Regulatory strategy
  • Public policy development and advocacy
  •  Stakeholder relations
  • Project viability assessment
  •  Public communications and crisis management
  • Coalition building

Attention from government and the public can bring significant risk—or opportunity—to organizations trying to develop or operate facilities, create value, and spur growth. Skillful management of these issues can be the difference between success and failure.  

Wilby Public Affairs provides strategic public affairs consulting services to infrastructure developers and investors, energy companies, and other organizations in the U.S. We have extensive experience at the state, federal, and local government levels. Wilby Public Affairs focuses on integrating public affairs with the core strategy of the client’s business.  Our objective is to help clients overcome obstacles, reduce risk, avoid delay, and create value.


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About Dave Wilby

Dave has been working at the intersection of energy and natural resources issues and public affairs for more than 25 years. 

His background in the corporate world, consulting, and state and federal governments has given him both the technical knowledge and on-the-ground experience to deliver strategies that build value for clients.

As a vice president for two leading renewable energy companies, Dave led state-level government relations in a wide range of markets across the U.S.  He also played a key role in federal policy related to grid-scale renewables.  His role included policy development and advocacy, stakeholder communications, regulatory strategy, external messaging, market development, and crisis management.  In this capacity, he had leadership roles in a wide range of industry associations at the state, regional, and national levels. 

Previously, Dave was executive director of a statewide trade association that represents the renewable power industry, and a consultant to businesses dealing with statewide and local referenda. He was also a staffer for both Maine Governor Angus S. King, Jr., and U.S. Senator William S. Cohen, where he developed an expertise in natural resource issues.  Dave has a degree from Bowdoin College, and is active with both statewide and local non-profit and youth organizations in Maine. 

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